Animation and motion graphics

KOMA – Senegal Airport

Creating 3D and 2D animations for a video documenting the production path of a modular airport

ŠKODA Connect – Car Access

Animation of an explainer video for a new service based on graphics from a collaborating agency.

Switching off 3G networks

Animated video explainer for the Association of Mobile Network Operators

Safe town

Creating animated parts and motion graphics for instructional video

FAB2024 Czech Republic

Motion graphics and compositing of virtual presentation

SatoshiLabs – Tropic Square

Open source and cryptocurrency explainer animation based on the supplied script and illustrations

Future Port Prague

Editing and motion design of promotional videos

Skoda Connect Lite

Animation of explainers based on graphics from a cooperating agency.


A complete package of promotional videos on social networks including the theme song of the festival.

URC Systems

Creating 2.5D motion explainers for military solutions.