FAB2024 Czech Republic

Motion graphics and compositing of virtual presentation

FabLab Brno is applying for a prestigious FABx conference – and I’ve worked with Epicture on this special candidacy video.

I was responsible for the post-production of almost 50 shots, including the creation of animated infographics, editing futuristic HUD panels, and their careful compositing into live-action footage.

We filmed in the beautiful location of the rotunda hall at Brno Exhibition Grounds, which was perfect as an auditorium with a holographic projection.

Fingers crossed for FAB2024 Czech Republic – hope they’ll succeed and holograms will no longer be needed!


  • Production: Epicture
  • Client: FabLab Brno
  • Directors: Luboš Ondráček, Jiří Fabík
  • DOP: Jiří Fabík
  • Edit: Luboš Ondráček
  • Motion graphics: Michal Fíbek
  • Sound: Luboš Ondráček