Michal Fíbek

Video, motion design & vfx – custom tailored technical & creative video solutions

KOMA: Birds of Paradise

Creating and integration of canvas reveal effect.

Future Port Prague

Editing and motion design of promotional videos

Lake Malawi – Lucy

Shots with CGI cardboard figure – VFX supervision, modeling & compositing


A complete package of promotional videos on social networks including the theme song of the festival.

URC Systems

Creating 2.5D motion explainers for military solutions.

Skoda Auto

Animation of explainers based on graphics from a cooperating agency.


Creation of motion graphics and its integration into aerial shots


Replacement of all screens with custom UI animations

Justmighty Agency

Promo video creative agencies – directing, editing and motion graphics.

Netbox: Myth busters

VFX's supervision and postproduction in a series of spots advertising campaigns.

How can I help you?

Complex solutions

Thanks to close cooperation with experienced video productions, I offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your projects.

Motion design

Sophisticated motion explainers or playful animations?
A video in a form from which he sparks his eyes and warms up at the heart.

VFX – Visual Effects

Accurate and creative post-production of filmed footage, including careful retouching.
Official name: 2D compositing.

Video Editing

Video as you wish – spectacular, playful or minimalist.
With additional motion graphics on request, everything under one roof.

Technical Consulting

I’ll find out how to improve your workflow in Adobe After Effects.
A secret weapon? Scripts & Tricks.