Michal Fíbek


I am Michal Fíbek – freelance motion designer, animator and vfx compositor. I enjoy combining the creative and technical components of the work into a functional whole.

I have finished post-production on several dozen commercials, animations, music videos and short films. I have worked on spots for Stihl, Mendel University, Aqualand Moravia and for brands such as Škoda Auto or IKEA. I’ve been creating permanent videomappings at the Letmo shopping center in Brno. In addition to postproduction, I participated in the theme and screenplay on the winning film of the 48 Hour Film Project Prague 2013 competition.

I work both in teams and as a single creator. I am using modern collaborative tools and approach my work in an efficient and project-based way. I try to create cleanly and precisely, to be a reliable support in cooperation. I live in Brno, but most of my cooperation takes place online with productions all over the Czech Republic and abroad.

In addition to the home office, I have experience with the forest office


Since childhood, I have been interested in both computer science and graphics. I’ve been tinkering with my first computer with an Intel 486 DX2 processor and admirably watched one of the first 3D animated series Reboot.

I got to filming while studying computer science – by editing an amateur cooking show, where the first episode was about frying crickets. I gradually gained experience in the video production studio, in which I’ve worked, as well as in working on personal projects and contracts in my spare time.

When I first opened Adobe After Effects, I felt like in the NASA control center. Although I feel at home in the AE today, I like to visit other programs and enjoy running up on the steep learning curve. I enjoy perfecting my working skills with new tools and procedures that extend my Swiss knife of knowledge a little further.

After more than 10 years of experience working with the video on a part-time, where I gained experience in breadth, I took a breath and fully immersed myself to full depth. Since April 2019, I have been making videos and animations as a freelancer.

Inspiration in diversity

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring new internal and external worlds (as I sometimes refer to travel), their observations and photo shooting – all of which meet on my personal Instagram profile @michalfibek.

I enjoy tasty filtered coffee (please ignore the photo from the forest!) and good food from all possible corners of the world. When I’m having a hungry soul, I like to read something interesting – from detectives to self-development literature. I can feed well on Netflix feed, too.

I love contrasts and diversity. I am satisfied in untouched nature and surrounded by interesting architecture. I go to the speaking club, even though I had a minor speech problem. I’m thrilled by beautiful, but also bizarre things.